Mora is an true believer of using fun and education to teach children about plastic in order to change their behavior.  She is also an incredibly hard worker:  working with the children in the workshop, and making travel arrangements for going to the villages, and ordering our supplies, and posting on social media, and making stop motion animations, and, and, and well, Mora does everything!

Davide Dominici

Davide is the man who had the original idea to teach children in small villages about the problem of single-use plastic. Because of his mental, physical and financial assistance the MUDFISH NO PLASTIC project was born.  Davide has dedicated himself to making the project work and grow. 

He is at every workshop, and he often stays up late at night coming up with new designs for our reusable bottles and new activities to add to the workshops.

Ahmad Zeli

Zeli is a man with a beautiful soul and strong beliefs about the problem of single-use plastic and he also has many many talents.  During workshops, Zeli teaches, plays guitar, leads the singing (he also writes our songs!) and is also a master at building things, like the giant mobile fish trash container that we use to have a parade after a workshop to get everyone involved (children and adults) in cleaning up the plastic waste.

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