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 Our Mudfish No Plastic workshops deliver an engaging and creative educational program that focuses on environmental awareness of children in disadvantaged local villages and communities across Indonesia to empower them to say no to single-use plastics. Mudfish No Plastic want to inspire them to become involved in positive change, and through their behaviour to positively influence their parents and the community. Our primary target populations are children and young adults living in disadvantaged communities in Indonesia. 



 Plastic waste is a problem that cannot be separated from our daily lives. Various ways have been done by the government, organizations, and non-governmental organizations in overcoming this. However, it is undeniable that plastic waste will always increase every second. The plastic waste will always be there if the user is there. And this issue will continue to the next generation. What can be done to break this chain of habits is to educate children from an early age. For this reason, human resources are needed who are able to dedicate themselves to being educators to educate these young people.



 In solving this problem, Mudfish No Plastic currently creating an educator-training program to teach older youth and young adults how to run our Mudfish No Plastic workshops and at the same time provide the participants with a modest income and better career opportunities than offered by the tourism industry (the major employer of Bali). If the program is successful, will be able over the next 12 months to add approximately 24 new educators (12 workshop teams) and will be able to expand the number of communities we reach yearly by 288, and the number of children by 7,200. Each training program (for 6 participants) runs for two months. 

It provides extensive information regarding the single-use plastic problem and its connection to our health and environment. In addition, the trainees are instructed in the skills necessary to supervise and involve the children in our no-plastic workshops using instructional lessons, quizzes, arts and crafts activities (colouring, and designing tote bags), video screenings, and community clean-ups. In the past few years, Mudfish no Plastic has succeeded in conducting educator training for 36 people who are ready to educate children in various regions.

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