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Will The World End Not With a Bang, but a Smurf Toy?

Updated: Apr 19

Photo by Codeco Bali - Mora Siregar director of Mudfish No Plastic greetings the kids

On 24 February 2024, Codeco Bali, a learning center that helps kids and adults sharpen their skill as problem solvers in daily life using technology, hosted a ART-TECH-PLANET in Canggu, Bali.  Mudfish No Plastic was one of the organizations that supported the event. One of the activities during the event was an exhibition by children of old discarded toys that they had recycled into new creations. Mudfish No Plastic has a lot of experience dealing with old, discarded plastic toys.  During the many beach clean-ups, it has done over the years it has collected hundreds of plastic animals, cars, legos, and other toy junk. It is estimated that nearly 80% of all toys are discarded and ended up in landfills and the ocean.

As part of its collaboration with the event, Mudfish No Plastic donated plastic toys they have collected to be transformed into new fun toy sculptures by children in the Codeco program to inspire other children to make new works of art using waste materials instead of buying new ones. Of course, recycling plastic toys will not solve the larger problem of plastic pollution, but hopefully the event helped raise awareness among the children and parents who attended that they renew old toys with a touch of creativity rather than continuing to buy new toys that will end up being thrown away and pollute the environment.

Photo by Codeco Bali - He is excited about the toys
Photo by Codeco Bali - All participants of ART-TECH-PLANET takes a picture together

The event opened with an introduction from Imama Lavi, the founder of Codeco, followed by a talk by motivational speaker Lisen Ydse Christiansen. Mora Prima Siregar, director of Mudfish No Plastic who was a featured speaker at the event reminded the audience of the dangers using single-use plastic. As Mora says, "We don't want to be a generation that just buys stuff and then throws it away." 

Written by: Vanda Meriana Tangel

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