What is happening?


  • Patented by Alexander Parkes, in Birmingham, England in 1856
  • One of the best human inventions

  • Helping us to go to the moon

  • Protecting our food and medicine

  • Let us access the internet or communicate with family and friends.

  • Strong, lightweight, moldable, comfortable, convenient, protection!

  • Coca Cola!

Where did it go wrong?

  • The one-piece polyethylene shopping bag is patented by the Swedish company Celloplast in 1965

  • We are addicted to single-use plastic

  • Shockingly, an estimated 98 percent of albatross studied are found having ingested some kind of plastic debris.

  • Every year we dump a massive 2.12 billion tons of waste in our environment

  • Plastic particles are now found inside animals and throughout the ocean food chain—from mussels to fish to turtles to whales

  • Coca Cola!!

What is next?

Plastic is good, plastic is bad. Plastic can be better if we humans know how to do better. Everything will go wrong if we do not watch our hands-on how to deal with plastics.

The real trouble maker, single use-plastics,

let's stop using them.

Do not let them end up in our environment or in an incinerator.

There is no guarantee that we will have a future.

Today matters.

Let's take action now in order for our children to have a beautiful and healthy future.

Join us to fight plastic pollution!


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MUDFISH NO PLASTIC is an NGO in Indonesia.
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