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An Extraordinary Evening with MNP: Dance and Music Festival at Amed Selfie in Amed, Bali

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Purwa Kerthi's village, November 13th 2021 – MUDFISH NO PLASTIC recently held a dance and music festival with Soekawana's dancers from Tegas Kanginan. The event started with the performance of Legong Dance and was enjoyed by the audience that presented in Amed Selfie. This event was made to remind people about the importance of saying no to single-use plastic.

Figure 1. The Soekawana dancers performing Legong dance

After the dance performance, MUDFISH NO PLASTIC's team started explaining the danger of single-use plastic to children. The explanation about plastic pollution in our surroundings was delivered in easy and interactive ways, such as animation, to ensure that the children understood the problem. The presence of Blue School kids also lifts the spirits of the other children to keep the ocean clean from the litter.

Figure 2. Singing together with the children

The festival is continued with the music performance by MNP's team. Everyone was dancing and singing together with one of MUDFISH NO PLASTIC's original songs, Little One. The lyrics that become MNP's motto are; I am responsible, I reduce, I act. This means empowering everyone that we can choose to live a plastic-free life.

With the parents who also present in Amed Selfie, the team wanted to remind them that the children who are already being educated and have a clear understanding of plastic pollution need someone to help them. Or else, this would become a wasted effort.

Figure 3. The children from Blue School

The method of playing while learning is very effective in giving education to the children. This also provides a lot of benefits for child development. One of the benefits is enhancing the children's imagination and developing their social skills. They will be more courageous to ask questions and express their opinions. With this in mind, the MNP's educator tries to embed the awareness to the children about plastic pollution and how to preserve the environment for a better future.

The succession of dance and music festivals in Amed Selfie made the team realize that spreading awareness about the importance of taking care of the environment is utterly crucial, particularly single-use plastic. Providing the proper education to people will be an ongoing mission for MUDFISH NO PLASTIC.

Written by Annisa Rizki Ananda
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