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Introducing No Single Use Plastic Activism with Greenschool Bali

Presentation at Green School Bali

On 12 September 2022, Green School Bali invited Mudfish No Plastic to teach a grade 8 about class about environmental activism that exists on the island. Mudfish is always happy to collaborate with grassroots movements to reduce plastic pollution by focusing on educating children. We believe that education is key to reducing single-use plastic and having a healthier environment. We realize that there needs to be collaborative efforts with local schools and communities to make this a reality. And partnerships with schools is especially important because of their role role in shaping the mindset and decision-making ability of children, which is critical to our goals.

On this occasion, we also talked about our women's personal hygiene program which is committed to removing the stigmatization regarding menstruation. Our program focuses on providing relevant information to young woman in regard to their body and how reusable sanitary pads can reduce the major pollution problem in Indonesia due to the use of single-use pads, and the improper disposal of used pads. There are a lot of taboos to overcome regarding menstruation, a study by UNICEF found that 25% of Indonesian adolescent girls have not discussed menstruation with anyone, and 17% are not aware that it is a normal, healthy condition. Many Indonesian communities commonly view periods as dirty and not socially acceptable to discuss. UNICEF Indonesia found that 25% of adolescent girls had not discussed menstruation with anyone before first menses and 17% were not aware that menstruation was a physical sign of puberty. We are committed to normalizing the feelings of women regarding menstrual blood and encouraging them to see it as something normal and healthy as opposed to something dirty and shameful. Providing woman with that understanding will lead them to experience a healthier reproductive state, increase their productivity during menstruation and promote gender equality.

Overall, Mudfish focuses on educating children from junior to senior level, and just as importantly, also to university students and adults - as the responsibility for cleaning up our environment is shared between us all. The protection of our environment is a concern for our entire society - not just a certain group or age bracket. The main belief we shared with the class at Green School Bali was that the only way we can win the battle against single use plastic is through reduce our consumption, properly disposing of our waste, and committing ourselves to create a cleaner, healthier Indonesia.

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