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Mudfish No Plastic Keep Our Earth Clean Workshop

On 14 May 2022 at the Saura Festival in Nuanu, Nyanyi Beach, Tabanan, Bali, Mora Siregar, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Mudfish No Plastic gave a lecture about the problem of plastic waste in Indonesia with the title "The Power Is in Our Hands." She also ran an educational workshop for children called "Let's Keep Our Earth Clean".

The aim of the festival was to convey information about how-to live-in harmony with one another, nature, and technology. The title of this year’s event was “Bamboo Elementum Fair”, that invited people to participate in activities that focused on creating an environmentally sustainable world.

"The Power Is in Our Hands" lecture by Mora Siregar In The Suara Festival

In the presentation, Mora provided information about how the problem of single-use plastic waste was being dealt with in parts of Indonesia, especially Bali and how the vision and mission of Mudfish No Plastic was part of the solution. Mora stressed several important points in her presentation, such as that the actions that a community can take in their daily life has a big effect on reducing the consumption and disposal of single-use plastic.

Mora also discussed "Education Without Solutions, Makes Frustration," the reality, that there are many people in Indonesia who do not understand the importance of reducing their use of single-use plastic because of its bad impact on the environment. She explained that the way that Mudfish No Plastic serves the community is by providing both education and practical solutions.

Children at Mudfish workshop at Suara Festival take part in a song and dance about “no single-use plastic.”

After her lecture Mora ran a demonstration Mudfish workshop attended by the children of Nyanyi Kids Academy. The children thoroughly enjoyed the singing and dancing activity while they learned about the problem of single-use plastic, why they should not buy products packaged in plastic, and the importance of proper waste disposal.

Children in the Suara Festival take part in the Mudfish No Plastic workshop in the Kids Area

There were many people who attended the Suara Festival over the two days and the information, education, and entertainment was an exciting and unforgettable experience for the visitors. Mora Siregar said, "The Suara Festival was a significant opportunity for us to be able to convey to the people who attended about the projects that Mudfish No Plastic has carried out so far and our plans for the future. It gave us an opportunity to convince people that there is still hope that if we unite, we can save the earth from the pollution of single-use plastic waste.”

Written by Suntabisena Kasmirada

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