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Trees & Seas Festival with Mudfish no Plastic for Woman's Personal Hygiene in Besakih Village

Group pictures together
All participants of Mudfish Woman's Personal Hygiene takes a picture together

On September 21st 2022, Mudfish No Plastic joined hand in hand with the Trees & Seas Festival of Ocean Plastic to hold a workshop on Women's Personal Hygiene in Besakih Village, Banjar Besakih Kawan. The workshop educated young women and mothers about their bodies and helped them make informed choices about the proper disposal of menstrual pads and encouraged them to start using reusable ones that we provided. This is part of our effort to provide women with important information about menstruation, and at the same time provide an alternative choice that is better for the environment and also saves them money.

Children and their mother standing and smiling together
Young kids with their mom preparing to dance together

The workshop was also attended by young children from the village, who we provided with reusable bottles to help them make better decisions for the environment by saying no to plastic bottles. The enthusiastic reaction we received from the attendees of the workshop shows that they share concern about the environment, the well being of their bodies and their desire to make healthier choices. The workshop gave them a break from their farm work, and they appreciated the information we provided and thoroughly enjoyed a break when we sang and danced together.

Mudfish believes that women are pioneers of change thus we are aiming to continously support woman in rural areas not only in Bali but also all over Indonesia, with this workshop that we created. We believe on the value of accessible information and erasing stigma around menstruation to woman all age in Indonesia. Mudfish strives to actualizes this using our workshop and continous campaign on the danger of single use plastic.

We are very thankful to Plastic Ocean, Blue Communities, Trees and Seas, Perfectfit and Rumah BCC, and all the women from Besakih Village for their participation, support, and contributions to make this happen.

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