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Samudera Peduli now and in the future

Students and teachers from each SMA/SMK equivalent Senior High School in Gianyar, Bali enthusiastically welcomed the workshop and socialization held by Bumi Kita Fantastik Foundation, Mudfish No Plastic. It started from July 2023 to December 2023 and was held at six different schools, there are SMAN 1 Ubud, SMAN 1 Tampaksiring, SMK 1 Gianyar, SMAN 1 Gianyar, SMAN 1 Tegallalang, SMAN 2 Gianyar.

The Power is in Our Hands by Mora Siregar, director of Mudfish No Plastic who was a featured speaker/educator

This activity is not only showing the enthusiasm of the students, teachers and parents, but also a form of support provided by Bpk. Bani Maulana Mulia as CEO of Samudera Indonesia, and together with Samudera Indonesia's Corporate Social Responsibility program, namely Samudera Peduli, which also focuses on education and the environment.


Samudera Peduli was established in 2017, the main focus of Samudera Peduli are improving the standard of living of the communities around the company's operational locations, people living in coastal areas, and people in need. As an organisation that focuses on educating to reduce the use of single-use plastic, reaching children through the most educationally structured environment is one of the goals of Mudfish No Plastic and together with Samudera Peduli concretely supports the Vision and Mission of Mudfish No Plastic in preventing single-use plastic pollution in the school environment as plastic remains to be the biggest composition in total trash nationally according to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in 2022.

Selected students are provided with reusable bottles

In the education provided by Mudfish No Plastic, Mora Siregar, director of Mudfish No Plastic who was a featured speaker, always emphasizes the importance of reducing, using and purchasing single-use plastic, and invites students to be more motivated, attentive and responsible for the environment around them. It is very important to all communities, especially children to know the dangers of using single-use plastic. 


The program involves two primary workshops that provide students with an understanding of the problem of plastic pollution, specifically the danger of single-use plastic, and information about plastic waste management. The students are taught how to reduce their use of single-use plastic, and how to separate and dispose of plastic waste. Selected students are provided with reusable bottles. 


Instilling more responsibility, hope and awareness of the importance of protecting the environment for generations and the welfare of society. This sponsorship and support from Samudera Indonesia Peduli are the real example of how various parties can unite to create positive change for our earth, now and in the future. It is important for all parties to have more awareness and responsibility about the plastic waste management for sustainable living.

All participants, students from SMAN 1 Ubud, Gianyar

In this activity, Mudfish No Plastic also uses a sing-along method which is not only fun for the students but also teachers and parents. Apart from that, parents and students also joined with handicrafts. This is an educational tool that can increase the growth of imagination and increase motivation. The sessions were filled with laughter and warm welcome by the participants which send a visible hope about creating the school environment who care about the danger of single-use plastic and are willing to create a generation that will stop the common use of it. Through this method, the MNP education team invites students, teachers and parents to instill awareness in them about the environment which must be protected from plastic pollution for a better future.

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