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Clean Up Day with 2022 ECO FESTIVAL (Samudra Peduli X Pandu Laut Presents)

Mudfish founders together with Eco Festival Team

On November 27th 2022, Mudfish No Plastic joined ECO FESTIVAL which is a clean up event helmed by Samudera Peduli and Pandu Laut that focused on cleaning up Masceti Beach to Keramas Beach. Mudfish brought their own giant trashcan to the beach, which is modeled after a Whale Shark the logo of Mudfish No Plastic.

Mudfish chose whale sharks as their logo because of their gentle nature, its current status as endangered animal by IUCN due to the impacts of human activities that trap them in a 'plastic mud' inspires the name. Mudfish believes that the way to combat the plastic mud that surrounded them is by reducing the use of single use plastic, hence naming the organization as Mudfish No Plastic.

Cleaning up Keramas Beach

The participants doesn't only come from Bali but also groups and individuals outside the Island. The people that come together come with the same goals, to clean up local communities while persuading more people about caring the the importance of our oceans that surrounded us. World Bank estimates that Indonesia generates 7.8 million tons of plastic waste annually and 58% is uncollected while 9% of uncollected waste is disposed directly into water. Threatening the livehood of not only people who lives on the coast but also the entire population who believes it or not, relied on the healthiness of ocean.

Mudfish believes in cutting the supply of waste by reducing single use plastic, focusing on educating children and young adult about the environment, from the importance of separating our trashes to the importances of securing drinking water due to the threat of microplastics. With this event, Mudfish will continously push forwards in order to create a generation that care and will make action

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